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Play therapy strategies is specialized work with young children from infancy through preschool years.  Part of the focus is on parent-child relationship, but also how the child is developing a wide range of skills from language and communication, social skills, emotional development, and thinking and problem-solving. 


Therapy is through child-led play and a developmental-based model, the interventions take into consideration attachment and utilize a Child Parent Psychotherapy, FirstPlay, TheraPlay eclectic framework.​This work also addresses parenting issues and stress-reduction.

Working with young children, as early as infancy, can help support families that have concerns regarding their child's development, as well as provide information to parents who have questions about parenting their unique child. 


The family support involves meeting with caretakers and problem-solving to figure out ways to best support the child/ren, as well as helping the family to function their best. The goal is to decrease family stress, and increase the sense of belonging together as a whole. 

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